His little pet (ereri/riren)

His little pet (ereri/riren)

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Jay By jessticales Completed

Levi is the boss of  Maria the biggest mafia in the city of trost. Grisha was in huge debt with the mafia and decided to go on the run, leaving his clueless son Eren, behind to deal with it all. Levi decides to make Eren his little pet but is that really all Eren is to him?

•Also to warn you, the spellings shit, gramma not to good and word play doesn't always go down correctly, just don't be a dick by complaining in the comments.

•I don't own any of these characters all  I own is the storyline and plot

•Copyrighted in January 5th 2016

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If somebody hates, they will be washed away with a tide of ereri fangirls
- - Aug 01
Fluff and Smutt <3
                              Trigger content and violence
                              Me: ...R.I.P My walls and bed
Chill_Fam Chill_Fam Aug 01
God you did it like one of the horror games titles😂It's like "This game contain violence, gore, graphic content, and sexual content BUT PLEASE FÛCKING ENJOY!"
cadyharbour cadyharbour Aug 23
I saw this and It had 45 parts it was completed and it has smut. IT WAS ALSO CALLED HIS LITTLE PET AND WHO DOESNT LOVE LEVI CALLING EREN HIS LITTLE PET!!? I am so ready to read this!
902115pt 902115pt Jun 22
Smut never affected me ever.But Fluff gives me a nosebleed! Like wtf!
snapannie snapannie Oct 30
Well that is why we are here and really reading the description is all that you had to do to convince me the description is hilarious