Dean Winchester's Middle School Diary

Dean Winchester's Middle School Diary

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Hey! This is Sam Winchester, and I found my older bro Dean's diary. So, now Im posting it here for all to see. Why don't you go on and read about his pathetic life and his pathetic crush on his friend named Cas. And, he STILL won't admit that he like-likes him. He just finished the seventh grade, and I swear this is probably going to be the most interesting summer of his life. Well, lets find out together.

-Sam W.


/it used to be based off of actual events between me and my friends (or family) but I started going freelance in December. It is obviously exaggerated a bit... And August is totally not even close to my life.

/it is low quality writing since Dean is in middle school and middle schoolers cant write very good

/I made the cover myself isn't it great lol

/I obviously don't own these characters, but I do own the things that happen to them so fight me

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