It Started With a Murder

It Started With a Murder

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Annabelle Dickson is the most popular girl at Hillton high school.
Annabelle Dickson is the nicest girl you'll ever meet.
Annabelle Dickson is dead.

And Adrian Humphrey is the main suspect.

A war errupts at Hillton High School, a rift between the people who believe Adrian's innocence and Adrian's guilt. 
Adrian must rely on the help of Cathie Lenora, whom he can't stand, to help prove his innocence. 
Cathie refuses to let Annabelle's murderer escape her grasp, however as the mystery begins to unfold, Cathie begins to wish she had left it all alone.

The murderer is probably such a DICK in order to kill Annabelle DICKson. 😂😥
cherry-pops cherry-pops Apr 07
                              Thanks for reading the story guys! I'm so grateful for all of you love and support though these 3 sentences. 
                              *rolls credits*
tempcraryfix tempcraryfix Aug 23, 2016
Just like my best friend's funeral. There was nearly 700 people that showed up. It was crazy.
MonPetitPapillon MonPetitPapillon Jul 08, 2016
I remember reading this story yonks ago and I couldn't even described how amazing it was! I'm so reading it again <3
Artsymindset Artsymindset Jan 05, 2016
Very intriguing. 
                              Can't wait to read !
                              Keep up the good work :--)
YKWillstone YKWillstone Nov 11, 2013
Okay with a start like that I HAVE to read more - it sounds too interesting to miss