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Badass- Fremione

Badass- Fremione

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Amy By ThemeDreamer Updated Mar 31, 2015

Goodie-two-shoes, Hermione Granger is forver telling Badasses, Fred and George Weasley off. But when she drags fifty odd students into a forbidden defence against the dark arts group named Dumbledore's Army, she suddenly finds breaking the rules fun. When that old hag, Umbridge of course, finds out about this, the whole DA are forced to write lines with her evil quills. Hermione gets the blame from everyone, and Umbridge picks on her the most, complaining her writing is too big to cover the same amount as everyone elses, forcing Hermione to write more. When a certain Weasley stands up to Umbridge, he and Hermione seem to spend a lot of extra time together...


BarakatGirl BarakatGirl Apr 25, 2016
If I were in Hogwarts I would make those evil quills look like her normal one and wait for her to use it
Girl_Pentaholic Girl_Pentaholic Apr 26, 2015
Hey I just wanted to ask how do people add cast in? I have no idea whatsoever and I just wanted to put it in my book
x1Dxme x1Dxme Jul 12, 2014
@XCaptainJackSparrowX she is the person who wears pink and let harry and some others writh with their own blood...
x1Dxme x1Dxme Jul 12, 2014
i love it... im dutch but i understands nearly Everything haha, i really ship them!
CrissiMechelle CrissiMechelle Apr 18, 2014
I love love love this story!!!!!
                              This is one of the best Fremione fanfics I've read and that's saying something because this is my OTP. KEEP IT UP
ThemeDreamer ThemeDreamer Aug 10, 2013
@the_potions_master haha. I love the way most of the comments are us talking about sleep xD