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Side Effects >> Teen Wolf

Side Effects >> Teen Wolf

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Brooke By JustMe52 Updated 4 days ago

Kendall found herself traveling across the country to live with her only uncle after her mom is diagnosed with early Alzheimer's. The young teen had no say when her mother admitted herself into a rehab to keep her daughter from experiencing this new side of her. With her mother in rehab permanently, Kendall had no choice but to go live her only relative that would take her in, Bobby Finstock. 

The departure of her cousin, Arden, was spread out over the family after she fled the country with her boyfriend as soon as she turned eighteen. Kendall realizes that despite everything happening with her mother and her cousin disappearing, her arrival in Beacon Hills to live with her Uncle Bobby was the best decision to happen for her until she notices her new friends are acting strange around her. Kendall notices the alarming amount of secrets, random disappearances, and odd looks among her new friends and she can't help but wonder why.

BlancaLynx BlancaLynx Jul 22, 2016
Since Kira will no longer be here for the 6th season I think it would interesting to see her as Scott's love interest.
psychotic_wolf psychotic_wolf Aug 02, 2016
Please continue this story it's so good and it's the first chapter or a preview... Whatever... But please continue!.!.!.😬🙏🏼
Stydia_Phan_Trash Stydia_Phan_Trash Sep 13, 2016
                              I can see the potential wonderful and action pact and heartbreaking story here.
I hope she becomes like them, can't be left out now.  she'll need the edge.
the_three_aweirdos the_three_aweirdos Jul 26, 2016
This sounds really good. I would love it if you could write this story.
Crims0nQu33n Crims0nQu33n Jul 03, 2016
Know wonder the name Arden was familiar. Hell, I already know this'll be good.