Free (Sequel to Kidnapped)

Free (Sequel to Kidnapped)

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karley By thestylesbun Updated Apr 02, 2016

Grace was kidnapped by 5 vampires. Horrible, right? I mean, they're bloodsuckers that could kill you any minute. Grace had to live through that. She hated them. She even stabbed Louis and tried to run away. She called them monsters. But now she's one of those monsters.

Yep, she fell in love with the vampire she hated the most, Harry. But he's the one who changed her. What happens when she wakes up? Of course she's going to have a thirst for blood, have super speed, super strength, and maybe even a power, but something else shows up. Something she didn't expect.

Find out what happens in:


Hello! This is the sequel to: Kidnapped{A Harry Styles Fanfic} so check that out before you read this! :D


liamthelovely liamthelovely Feb 15, 2016
Hey! This is really good. I have a fanfic and I was wondering if you could go check it out! Thanks!
JCBaeee JCBaeee Jan 11, 2016
Wait hold up
                              I thought she hated
                              The Zayn clone the most because
                              Well he tried to kill her and all that jazz
Sciencenerd2002 Sciencenerd2002 Jan 04, 2016
I'm so EXCITED, freaked out when I found the sequel. Thank you for writing another one, I LOVE your stories.
Malik_Wright Malik_Wright Jul 23, 2015
ahhhh I love ur book kidnapped and I'm pretty sure this will be even BETTER #AWESOMESAUCE
shayacosta shayacosta Feb 25, 2015
Hey I got a new story out called his betrothed I love this book tho especially since they put in zayn in there.
WeCanMakeLove WeCanMakeLove Aug 17, 2014
I bet some how Harry Styles old girlfriend, Ashley. Is still alive and she'll show up. ☺️