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Laugh away.


Please be advised that this book contains some swearing and mature themes!

Nmakanju Nmakanju Sep 17
Hey I wrote a true story about a girl I dated once and all the twists and turns of our "relationship". It's a good read chuck full of advice humor and romance and my philosophy on dating in today's society https://www.wattpad.com/story/122844230-monograph-of-a-modern-romantic
Growing0 Growing0 Sep 10
ThornyLover ThornyLover 6 days ago
Lol! This is hilarious!
                              Though I highly doubt somebody would really fall for that. People aren't that stupid, are they?
mecnuniye mecnuniye 6 days ago
Anaaa wp de yabancılar da varmış. 😨 Ben de sadece Türker var sanıyordum. Cahil ben tâbi 😂😂
                              Neyse bı selam vereyim bari
                              Hı. İ am from Türkey. İ see this book. Good luck
lilythealley lilythealley 4 days ago
Srsly?! If that person doesn't have a phone. Then, how did she/he text the other person??😑😑😑