Heal My Heart

Heal My Heart

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~Kate~ By Feline_Fan Completed

*A continuance of "Good Boy" But can be read independently*

Pain is nothing new.

Scott King lost his true love to lung cancer five years ago.

He has since coped by burying himself in his work and keeping Danny's items in a shrine-like manner. He's taken by surprise when a business partner introduces him to Puppy--a lost sub with sad eyes and an uncaring Dom. 

Scott is stunned to find himself pulled into Puppy's baby blue eyes and even more surprised with the need to bring the poor boy home and show him the love and affection he'd been denied his entire life. 

Puppy has always assumed himself to be a burden. Haunted by his past with an emotionally unavailable Dom, he feels he doesn't deserve the love and kindness extended toward him by Scott. But as they grow closer Puppy grows more and more aware of the impact Danny's death has had on Scott.

He begins to question if Scott is truly over the death and available to care for Puppy emotionally. Together they need to heal their hearts from all the pain they've dealt with.

*Warnings: ManxMan, death, sexual content, strong language, mature situations, bdsm*

  • agegap
  • bdsm
  • death
  • healing
  • horses
  • love
  • manxman
damn Scott is like the total opposite of me lmfaooo. love him thougj
LanehLove LanehLove Aug 05
This is just nasty I will have to skip the part that you actually eats it. Jesus puppy.
Natty135 Natty135 Jun 21
That moment where you don't even know where the fvck you are
practice with bailey ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) make sure you record it
That moment when people keep commenting things about that moment... 😑😊
😂 I wonder... But my gosh I just love the sound and the smell of rain!! Cx