Different  From Normal  (A LEAFY FANFIC)

Different From Normal (A LEAFY FANFIC)

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Rachel By Mrs_Leafy Updated Oct 17

"You did this!", Jacob screams at me. His face is flushed and filled with tears. Because of me. I should have known to never accept that stupid dare. Now I'm about to lose someone who broke down my walls and comforted me. I love her. I love Emily Spurlock. 

"I didn't do it but I caused her to do it.", i and her family wait in the waiting room, hoping that the doctors tells us she's fine. Her family already hates me. The media hates me. I should have listened to those who told me I should just die, I only cause pain to those I attack. But that's YouTube, and I never realized I could do it behind the screens. 

 No wonder they call me Hitler. I'm about to be the cause of the death of America's known celebrity.
There is a reason why parents,family, and friends tell you to not play with a girl's feelings, to always protect her and be overprotective. There is a reason why a girl will seem off and annoying. There is a reason for everything and everything happens for a reason. 

We all make mistakes and we'll learn from them but Calvin in this story is scarred from the mistake he made. Good endings of course but the events that happen in this story, are heartbreaking and simply not a way to lighten up your mood. 

Good beginnings, of course, but who's wearing the mask? Who's blinded by the fame? Who's lying? So many questions, yet no answers to be told. 

This story, is based on some true events, fiction tales, an imagination and just simply thinking. But thinking and Calvin, do not go together. They're quite the opposite. 

I'm anonymous, just giving you a warning about this story, it's truly heartbreaking when the rising action starts. Just wait until the climax kicks in. Won't be surprising if you're sobbing by then. Probably not, but that's just a possibility. 

Have fun reading, you've been warned for the future chapters.

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