Strip My Heart

Strip My Heart

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~Kate~ By Feline_Fan Updated Jul 09

*Continuance of "Good Boy" But can be read independently*

Connor Briggs never had to want for anything.

Wealthy, intelligent, and attractive, he was set up for success. He's sure he's finally found love with an ex-escort, porn star, much to his parent's dismay. Connor fights to get his sub accepted by his family while trying to keep his own problems under wrap. 

As their relationship develops Connor finds it hard to accept what Rhylie wants to do, as well as his obvious drug habits.

Rhylie McGall knows he's falling in love and it terrifies him. He buries himself in his work, using drugs to take the edge off the pain caused by the blatant rejection by Connor's family which opens old wounds.

When an old face resurfaces in Rhylie's life, they both feel the strain and wonder if their bond is strong enough to take it. 

If their relation is going to work they will both need to strip their hearts of the guards they've placed.

*Warning: manxman, strong sexual content, mature language, drug use, and possible triggers.*

  • cheating
  • druguse
  • manxman
  • pain
  • pornstar
  • rejection
  • romance
In any case your f*ckin a** was too f*cking needy ya a** wipe
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara May 28, 2016
MORE SPOILERS!!!! well, if you haven't read Good Boy yet.....
                              Now I REALLY wanna slap a hoe aka Connor, because the bish pushed puppy outta bed. Assface 😡😡😡
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara May 28, 2016
Yeah, I noticed that. It's kind of insulting. I mean, they're both basically doing the same thing, they should have the same titles, without any connotations attached to it
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara May 27, 2016
Oh Rhylie. I rlly hope Connor steps in soon. Hugs, not drugs 😖😥
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara May 27, 2016
*siiiiiiiiiiigh* so, is this drug this going to be a real problem??? Cus I don't think my heart could take it if he ended up in the hospital😦😧😭 
                              Oh, and I really hope Connor makes him stop shooting porn somehow... I don't like feeling like Rhylie is cheap 😖😖😟
Property_of_Gaara Property_of_Gaara May 28, 2016
I call bs......but I would be oh so happy if he was actually telling the truth 
                              I need need NEED Rhylie to stay clean, please!!! My soul hurts everytime he pops those pills or snorts something 😭😭😭😭