Emoticon ⇢ Isaac Lahey [Teen Wolf]

Emoticon ⇢ Isaac Lahey [Teen Wolf]

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∴ yasmin ∴ By saltydean Completed

When Isaac unexpectedly returns back to Beacon Hills, he's soon alerted that things are going completely haywire. So Stiles, Lydia, Liam, and of course the Alpha of the Pack; Scott, along with the new member of the pack, Skylar, have it set to solve this mystery. But things go from bad to terrible when their own innocent Pack member turns his back on them. When they discover that the paralytic venom of a Kanima will pull Isaac out of his trance and bring him back to his friends, they go out to find someone they never thought they'd see again; Jackson Whittemore. But little do they know that the only one left of her kind is the only person who can save Isaac.


≪ please keep in mind i wrote this many years ago therefore my writing style and choice of diction and pretty much everything else is fairly questionable ≫

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