My Life In The Gang #projectbadgirls

My Life In The Gang #projectbadgirls

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Chance Wiliams isn't your avarage teenager. She is the bad girl of the school and most feared girl of the New York . She is the gang leader of the Black rose. Her gang is number 1 in New York.

Now meet Ace Grayson. He is the leader of the White Shadows. He's gang moved from London to New York. His gang was the #1 in London. 

What happens when this 2 meet each other. Both of them want to be # 1.  And plus school drama, love, hate and old enemies.

But at the end who will win that game? 

Read and find out.

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All Rights Reserved. 2016.

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lulu_tala03 lulu_tala03 Oct 01
honestly i think it’s dumb how the client knows where she lives 😂 the client can tell anyone...
                              I feel like you should have added more descriptions here. I felt as if I didn't know your surrounding or anything. Action stories require a lot of descriptions to make them compelling.
enchanteurx enchanteurx Sep 26
i cant even sneak at midnight to get foods at the fridge without waking up my mom
                              So far, the storyline itself is off to a nice start. The main character is alright. However, there were a lot of tense changes and lack of correct punctuation usage which made it difficult for me to want to continue reading. Other than that, though, the chapter was alright.
I'm so confused how can you kick someone in the stomach from behind
                              Remember to put the comma before the speech mark.