Under the Altswood Sky (The Hunt of Altswood High #2)

Under the Altswood Sky (The Hunt of Altswood High #2)

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Chloe Fairchild By ChloeFairchild Updated 9 hours ago

Months after the killer of the Hunt has been locked up, a new string of deaths are pulsating through Bottle Island. This time, the police are quick to insist on simple causes: suicide, accident, unexplained heart attack. Anything except murder.

But Luca Fern is seeing a pattern. The winter break has arrived and boatloads of tourists are settling on the island, creating a stream of faces that come and go. When a previous victim of the Hunt returns to Altswood and unveils a revelation, it is clear that the case has not been solved. Bottle Island has more secrets than truths, and Luca refuses to believe her paranoia has finally won over her.

The Hunt has come to an end, but the killings have not.

bryan22seah bryan22seah Jul 06, 2016
Who is Daphne again? Was she the one who was admitted into the mental hospital because of she murdered Manny? Or was it because of something else?
PocketPixia PocketPixia Jun 19, 2016
Is that you, Daphne from Scooby-Doo? 
                              It's not a suicidé probs. Someone most likely pushed her to the mental edge and then boom, she's deád. Maybe a nurse or someone employed in the psych ward are a serial killer?
PocketPixia PocketPixia Jun 19, 2016
                              What if he murder her? I just finished reading The Hunt Of Altswood High, so my brain is in full-gear xD
voidclexa voidclexa May 29, 2016
Shrey_Singh Shrey_Singh May 29, 2016
YOU ARE SUCH AN AMAZING AUTHOR OMG! You should totally try and publish these books, they're so good!😍😍😍😱👻
Carry0nMyWaywardSon Carry0nMyWaywardSon Nov 26, 2016
Idk if it's already been stated, but is his actual name Jules? Or is it short for something like Julian?