The Sideshow

The Sideshow

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Richard A. Milam By Richard1940 Updated Aug 01, 2013

A tale, six counties wide. 

Opening in springs long awaited wet warmth.

Of much heralded, well prepared times

And great gray shadows from winters divide.

Profound, both brazen and dramatic,

Sneering, crowded fools' monies given,

To glimpse uncertain curiosities' oddities

Fulfilled of meaningless hidden graphic encounter.

Long reflections images moving by night,

For hamlet towns dwelled innocents await.

Roustabouts for next days encounter preparing

For naive nymphs amidst artists slight.

Caricature canvas's gaudiness colors

Highlighting barkers bark appeals.

As sheep to slaughter calls beckoning onward 

And swarms crowd herding of revelers.

Their coffers ablaze of abundant coins offered 

And appetites saturated by insatiable foes craved

Masters deceptive planned spiels entrapment

Enlists tithes quick rendering pilfered and payed.

Hence to another sameness nights duties,

Sawdust and odor of worked animals abounding,

Clover fields thistle left bended by trample