Paranormal Beyond (Under editing)

Paranormal Beyond (Under editing)

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Antisocial butterfly By Fiona_Gibson Completed

Highest ranking- 12 in Paranormal category.

The book is being edited. All grammatical and linguistic errors will be corrected shortly. An elaborate and better version will be provided to you. 

Being a faithful tenet of Science and technology, I, Ariana Ryder, never believed in the existence of supernatural... well, until something turned my world upside down and changed my views completely...


Things turn bright for me when Mia, a cheerful personality moves in with me in my lonely apartment... we make friends with the cute guy in the window... Everything is blissful till an enigmatic artist Lennox enters our lives...


She stared straight at me.... fiery red hair and electric blue eyes... If stares could kill, I'd have probably died by now."You will pay for this Ryder... you denied my existence... You've dared to mess with me" she said with venom in her voice. She stepped backwards as she spoke... Then she moved backwards swiftly keeping her cold stare fixated at me. And  jumped backwards out of the window with maniacal, shrill laughter booming all around....

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  • ariana
  • fiction
  • horror
  • lennox
  • mystery
  • paranormal
  • psychological
  • thriller
LostIn2Sight LostIn2Sight May 09, 2017
Great starting! Just, try to write in stanzas, it makes reading easier.
LostIn2Sight LostIn2Sight May 09, 2017
Sounds interesting. Only suggestion, break it down to blocks. Promising start, interesting :)
The_Rayth The_Rayth May 26, 2016
Realistic and promising start... All the best for the journey ahead...:)