Alpha Xavier And Me

Alpha Xavier And Me

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Asli Can By queen_ashl Updated 6 days ago

"What are you going to do to me?!"I yelled

"Im just going to talk to yo-"

"Take me home!"I yelled interrupting him

"First let me talk!"He growled making me flinch

I gulped, 'Did he just growl at me...'
Khloe Ferguson is a 17 yr old beautiful,innocent,sassy teen with a great voice, her boyfriend cheated on her with the school slut shaniqqua. On her way back from her boyfriends house while crying her eyes out she is kidnapped by around 2 guys. What will she do?

Xavier Matthews is a 21yr old alpha,looking for a mate because he reached the appropriate age. While looking for a mate he drives past a beautiful girl with black hair crying. He being the arrogant guy he had to kidnap her to talk to her. Will she let him talk to her?

Will she let him love her

Will she love him back

Or will she reject him

First book don't judge me

Shabambi_cute Shabambi_cute Sep 28, 2016
Thats my sister's name but instead of two q's there's just one
Isabelle_Rogue_Wolf Isabelle_Rogue_Wolf Dec 19, 2016
1 tip when you right do not put it all squashed if u don't know wat I mean look on my story, its easier to read when you set it out nicely when each speech is on a different line, plz do that!😉😂 It's better...
MyMagicMyst MyMagicMyst Oct 27, 2016
The story seems interesting but it's not very well written sorry to be so blunt but you need to work On this a bit. 😕