Did You Ever Think Of Me?

Did You Ever Think Of Me?

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Jasmine By ToldByLadyBourgeois Updated 7 days ago

Two people 

Amayah Rivers, a lost and suffering woman who finally found a beacon of light in her life through music. 

Larry Bourgeois, a unhappily married man with trust issues and little faith in others. Losing not only his best friend but his wife to an act of infidelity, he and his twin brother join a tour as dancers as a favor. 

Once lovers, now distant strangers hurt from their very own misdirections.
Both of them hold secrets deep within their tattered and battered souls. 
Some secrets more dangerous than the others, even life threatening.
Yet music and fate refuse to let each other go their own way and force them to reunite.And so now they both must endure and struggle to either fight for the passion or sever the binds that hold them close to this day, even four years after one left.

I always heard that music can heal a persons soul but can it mend what was never meant to be in the first place?

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