The Nerd Is Not Who She Seems

The Nerd Is Not Who She Seems

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Nadia_Dragneel By Nadia_Dragneel Updated Sep 10

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You know your typical nerdy/geeky highschool girl that every school has

You know , glasses, wear saggy clothes, hair is really thin in a pony tail or a messy bun, ya well that just describes Crystal May.

You know the typical "Girl pretends to be a nerd at school but in secret she is a popular street fighter who never lost a fight and her parents are like a really big known people, but the school bad boy finds out, but he doesn't tell then ends up falling in love with her" ya it's "that" kind of story, but also completely different ,you get what i mean
Any way there are really juicy parts to this story ,so just read and stay tuned, i am not that good of a writer , so please don"t judge if parts are a little ,well you know .

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If ur putting glasses on whats the point of contacts ik there colored but still
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I HAVE BLONDE HAIR!!  And when I'm sixteen I will be a Junior