-One Direction Preferences-

-One Direction Preferences-

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Melissa Amber Wild. By MelissaWildd Completed

Hey guys, please read my preferences. These are ALL written by me an have NOT been copied. 

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Break_able Break_able Jul 15
May it be alright if you can make a story a about Harry and Louis fighting over me?
this book is definitely gonna make me bawl my eyes out..😭😭
Omg!!! That is short but super cute i will dream of it and not as a nightmare
smh I thought he was a part of 5SOS He should have taken you too 5SOS
How did I get from reading The Outsiders Preferences to this? I don't even like 1D... (Don't hurt me for saying that)
I would totally do Louis's i did it before and it is so much fun