Unfortunately (2Jae)

Unfortunately (2Jae)

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MK By XiuminTrxxsh Updated Dec 23, 2016

Youngjae was always happy in the group, he always smiled and never let any of the members down.

But they didn't realize that their 'Happy Virus' is not his usual self. He hasn't been since debut, and none knew why.

JB was always close to Youngjae, they were best friends in GOT7. But what happens when things start to take a tole for Youngjae? What is happening to him? Why won't he tell anyone?

Read to find out what happens to the little 'Happy Virus' in GOT7 after two years.

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Warning: Scenes may include triggering scenes, selfharm, depression.

Created: 26/05/16
Ended: --/--/--

I've been looking for a story like this and I finally found one! Yessss