Phoenix Drop Highschool ( Continued On DrawnMidnightShadows' account )

Phoenix Drop Highschool ( Continued On DrawnMidnightShadows' account )

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Sting's Sister (Kimmy) By KimmyGalaxy Completed

Aphmau Phoenix Drop had lost her family. It was like the Phoenix Family dissolved. Heh, at least her NICE step-brother, Francisco, is still alive!

Well, let's start this off this way. There were three bandits who killed Aphmau's family. A strange man helped Aphmau not become dead meat.

They never thought that they would meet again in the future...and that leads all the way to highschool where all the drama begins...



*Aarmau Fanfiction*

kikster05 kikster05 Nov 25
You know, thanks to that music video, I just realized Aaron wears the same bandaid for over -180 days.
Mah story is like that and I could get my friend "addicted" to it(she bugs me about it, a lot.)
Mxrqcle Mxrqcle Oct 16
Lung cancer? Isn't there 2 lung parts? At least get your body parts rite
I really like this ff so far. I am SO happy someone makes long aarmau in highschool ffs
That moment when you want to vote, but you can't because according to wattpad "user has voted too many times"