Secret of Moonacre: Hold Me Close

Secret of Moonacre: Hold Me Close

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Emmy125489 By Emmy125489 Updated Feb 18

Often times when I'm alone, my mind conjures up the image of the pale white moon. It's large, so large that it looks as if it could swallow dear little Moonacre in all of it's entirety. And then I feel the crushing weight of water, swirling around me. 

My hands frantically try to swipe the pearls off the bodice of my dress as the cold waves push me down further. My lungs cry out for air but I still plummet to the bottom of the dark ocean. 

When I'm finally forced to gulp down the salty liquid, I'm at peace- serene. And everything fades to black...
Maria and Robin seem to be in an endless dance; one day they take a step forward, the next they take a step back. With pressure and tension mounting,  will they end up together, or will someone end up with a broken heart?

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historicalfictrash historicalfictrash May 12, 2017
Can we all agree that Robin is just everything that a guy should aspire to be?
starryodonoghue starryodonoghue Jun 17, 2016
I'm sure this will be a great story, so far it's really good and I am honestly enjoying it. Nice job! xx
oceanmiss_66 oceanmiss_66 Jun 11, 2016
Great start! I like your writing style. Keep up the good work and keep writing! Only thing I'd add is maybe longer chapters
TeQueenOfManyFandoms TeQueenOfManyFandoms Oct 13, 2016
Was Maria younger than 17 because I'm pretty sure she was 15 or 16