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Weak?:A Naruto FF

Weak?:A Naruto FF

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OnyxEyes By _Onyx_Eyes_ Updated Dec 17, 2016

Lyn Haruno is a Smart and Quiet girl.
  For being Sakura Haruno's Sister. Lyn isn't the favorite child. Hers and Sakura's Mother Always Praises Sakura for her beauty and Brains, even though Lyn is TOP of her academy class. Their father just plain doesn't even notice her presence. Lyn doesn't care thought, She has her books and training to fill the void.
  She may not show it but, She can do allot of B or even A ranked jutsu's. How was she supposed to know how dangerous that could have been? It's not like she went in blind though. She read many scrolls before hand. You could call her a prodigy if you wanted.
  What happens when you put her with her sister in team seven?
  What happens when all of her secrets start to come out?
  What happens when she is finally noticed? Will it be good? Or will it hurt just like everything else?
  Some  Pictures are not mine, All rights belong to the ones who made them!!!

The red hair and chakra chains indicate that she is an Uzumaki, but the fire and lightning chakra natures contradict that since Uchihas are prone to having those two natures
^I agree. People used to use me a lot to get stuff because I'm super nice and have a hard time saying no to people. Now I do NOT stand for ANYONE using a person for their own gain.
CarerxSkye CarerxSkye Dec 19, 2016
When I was 12 I was shorter than Naruto by 2 INCHES!! That's just sad :(
Haku_Fangirl Haku_Fangirl 6 days ago
Oooh, I read it once and it was a vote and then I don't remember who was her brother...
                              I think it was Naru
toffiee_09 toffiee_09 Jan 06
I love how you put you wrote it like you don't care about it and it's not important
CreepyTomatoes CreepyTomatoes Dec 31, 2016
I just imagine a stoic person getting mad, and they go full on smartas-s