Safe and Sound [ Vampire Knight Fanfic]

Safe and Sound [ Vampire Knight Fanfic]

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Monkey D. Hime By Hime_chan10 Updated Oct 02

Juri Kuran isn't the only girl of her family. She has a younger twin name Kimiko Kuran who isn't introduce to the vampire society due to being born frail. Their parents decided to keep her safe and only let their older sons and close friends interact with her. Kimiko is loved by everyone due to her kind, innocent, loving nature. The only person Kimiko enjoys to interact while growing up is her older brother Rido. 

Even though Rido has been interested in Juri the day she was born, he still comes and plays with Kimiko. While growing up Kimiko has developed feelings to her older brother Rido but it has been a one sided love due to Rido being in love with her older twin Juri. Kimiko was there when Rido's heart was broken by her older sister who fell in love with their brother Haruka. She will continue to love Rido till the day she's dies. Sadly, her life was taken by a vampire hunter while spending time with her older brother Rido. 

At that point Rido was angered that the only person who cared from him was gone. He murdered the vampire hunter and become the man he's now known. What Rido doesn't know is that someone found Kimiko's body and put her in a coffin, to be reawakened in the future. Many years later, Kimiko awakens as a human and becomes a student at Cross Academy.

I don't own Vampire knight, the characters belong to their respective owner. I only own Kimiko and my characters that aren't in the anime/manga.

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O//////////O * dies of cuteness  but before dies says * SO CUTE I COULD JUST DIE
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The poor thing... he false for her sister of all things...😢
It's only the beggining and I already like the story, you are a great writer!
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