The Only One To Thaw The Ice

The Only One To Thaw The Ice

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Julie Jones By cold_jewels Completed

Captain Cold x Diamond a.k.a Gaige

Diamond hates being called by her real name unless it's Leonard Snart, which she soon realizes, and goes by Gaige. She got that name because she's an engineer, a brilliant one at that. She's part of the Flash's team and works part time at Jitters for money. Her life totally screws up when she meets Leonard Snart, as does his. 

Turns out she's another diamond he would steal, except this one he would keep forever, he hoped.

A dreadfully romantic story...

Sequel is "Timekiller Meets Her Match".

  • captaincold
  • criminal
  • leonard
  • leonardsnart
  • theflash
geeky_hilda geeky_hilda Jun 30, 2017
Uuhm... Hello??? Who doesn't like  the robber of things and ATM?
xx_I_HEART_U_NOT_xx xx_I_HEART_U_NOT_xx Mar 09, 2017
I dunno but I laughed really hard and probably wasn't supposed to 😂😂
cold_jewels cold_jewels Mar 09, 2017
😂 yes but I guess I mean it in the sense of like "pushing him to the ladder"
xx_I_HEART_U_NOT_xx xx_I_HEART_U_NOT_xx Mar 09, 2017
Hat kills people... Depending how high and if it's a bank I don't suppose high...but still
MaddySoftpaws MaddySoftpaws Nov 30, 2016
I'm not gonna hurt ya I'm just gonna kill ya really, really, bad (Switching up Joker's quote)