Feel Alive(Adopted By Mikey Way)

Feel Alive(Adopted By Mikey Way)

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Savannah Jenkins By ViolentToxin Completed

First: this starts during the end of the revenge era

Second: Title credit: Feel by Sleeping With Sirens

Third: Warning: There will be a lot of triggering things in this story.

Have you ever felt like you're nothing more than an empty shell? Have you ever felt dead inside? Have you ever felt alone or unwanted? Have you ever felt like nobody cares? You know what? Here's a better question. Have you ever truly felt alive?

Started: July 11, 2016 Finished: November 11, 2016

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ILikeMCRSmut ILikeMCRSmut Oct 19, 2017
I do that, and I don't even notice that my socks have come off
GemFinder GemFinder Oct 28, 2017
Why did i go into full laughter over him saying that?!? It sounds like what my brother would say if i actually did something with my life XD
_Yeemo__Trash_ _Yeemo__Trash_ Nov 17, 2017
@WhyDidAaronHaveToDie it’s been done. Your idea is no longer original
GeeFckingWay GeeFckingWay Sep 24, 2017
Lol I do that too when I read, I don't want people to disturb me
Is it weird that every time I see milky way I read mikey way
I Wanna know what day it was and I wanna know what fronk did