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Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) [Book 2]

Fly Til Dusk (boyxboy) [Book 2]

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°Orion° By MoonlitFigures Updated 8 hours ago

(BOOK 2 of "THE GREAT WHITE LION" and in the series "Constellations". HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read Book 1 before this!)
Idos Caeles was the last living heir of House Caeles , leaving him with riches beyond belief. Only two years ago, he was a happy teenager with a mother, father, and two sisters. They all changed when raiders ransacked their carriage, killing three family members and near to death Idos. After vigorous surgery and miracles, Idos survived but left the healers with one less arm. He had never been the same since. 
   With his mother his only living relative left, he was left with an estate, a bank, and a library to call his own. Idos replaced his father as a noble in Emperor Valider's court, where he gained more attention than he intended. With schooling and a life of upper class taking up his time, Idos never found the time for personal interactions, and sometimes he liked it that way. 
   However, it soon worsened his depression further by the lack of personal commitment he was receiving, despite having a fiance he never asked for. He was jealous of those with friends, yet he could not find his own. He was too introverted for that. With that, Idos hatched an idea, one worthy of his butler, Charles, to disapprove of greatly. If any way worked, this would definitely work.
   He was going to sell his soul to a demon to obtain a friend.

Calintha Calintha Jul 09, 2016
How interesting! So our Cancer is the only one able to summon an Alpha Morph Demon... I like where this is going!
Navy_Raven Navy_Raven Jul 08, 2016
Hey MoonlitFigures I just want you to know I absolutely loved the first book to the series and your already starting a great sequel bravo I hope to read more 
                              ~ Raven
xyceplo xyceplo Aug 17, 2016
I normally don't read non completed books but my dumbasss couldn't wait.
Calintha Calintha Jul 09, 2016
What a strong start to a new book in the series! You really do amaze me!
SnowRed22 SnowRed22 Jul 08, 2016
This story seems already amazing and I  just can't wait for what you have for us next!! I loved thr first book and I just can't believe that you're already doing a sequel!!! I'm sooo happy!!