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Who Needs Commitment? | New Adult

Who Needs Commitment? | New Adult

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❋Mari Martin❋ By Nilly_ Updated Feb 20


(I'm terrible with synopses, so bear with me.)

"My need for you is formidable and vast. I intend to hear you breathless, to feel the urgency in your bones, to nourish a thirst that will not subside until your body is blushed red and blazing hot in my hands."

- Beau Taplin

Audrey Wiles, 22, has one passion: cooking, and she has been busting her ass to try and get to the top. When her first love breaks her heart and tosses the pieces into the grimy gutters of New York, she decides to finally give into the sinfully handsome man who has been on her tail since they unknowingly crossed paths one afternoon. Little did she know one taste would lead her to San Francisco to start a career as a Celebrity Party Planner. 

Leon Donati, 30, has...many passions. His greatest passion and first love has always been wine and Italy, as one. The Donati family owned wineries and vineyards all over the world, residing in Italy. Nothing compared to wine for him, until he met Audrey and later indulged in every fantasy she put in his head. The two strike up a reckless affair that keeps words to a minimum and renders their clothing useless. 

Audrey begins to feel herself becoming too attached to someone she's only known a short time. Fearful that she'll have her heart broken again, she makes him a proposal, one that she is sure would make everyone happy. 

Leon is put off by her request, but accepts, only because he feels he has let her down by continuously denying to take her back to Italy. He wishes he could, but his livelihood, career, and relationship with his father depends on her staying far of his country. 

But can he handle the conditions of Audrey's crazy plan? Will she accept that he just can't whisk her away to Italy? Or will everything give way to the very heartbreak and disaster she wanted to avoid in the first place?

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Copyright © 2016 Mari Martin (Nilly_)

_SemiColon _SemiColon Jun 30, 2016
Mannn if I didn't become an Executive Chef in 1 week, imma be putting in my 2 weeks ✌🏾🚮
_SemiColon _SemiColon Jun 30, 2016
When my managers promise me shít, I just straight tell em "Don't pump my head up bruh."
Africanpisces Africanpisces Jun 30, 2016
Mrs. Jon snow, please tell me that the cast remains the same.
Africanpisces Africanpisces Jun 30, 2016
                              Mr.  Leon.... 
                              You naughty man
Africanpisces Africanpisces Jun 30, 2016
Ohhhh.  I swear i forgot he has green eyes and my baby had blue..