Sweet Surrender (Short Story) ✔

Sweet Surrender (Short Story) ✔

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Amaranthine98 By Amaranthine98 Completed

- english -

Keeping away from other people, Lex solely focuses on writing his books - until his new publisher wants to meet him and throws his life into utter chaos. 
Blake Huntington - young, successful, good-looking - exerts a pull on Lex that he didn't believe was possible and that frightens him, because he knows which disastrous impacts this feelings can have. But Blake won't give up and fights for his shy author. 
What happens when the two of them meet? Love? Or will Lex get hurt again?

- also available in german -

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LazySide LazySide May 10
Me @ my mom when she yells at me.
                              Nah menopause is worse. Way worse. The only benefit we have is her random junk food cravings that my dad has to go by 😂 she threw a trashcan at me once though.
LazySide LazySide May 10
Lmaooo it's hilarious. People think my irritable mood is from this when I'll give you a hint, I'm actually super bubbly 😂 it's the opposite effect
LazySide LazySide May 10
I black listed like a thousand telemarketers today. They wouldn't stop calling. Especially in school when I almost got busted 😂
NtheBird NtheBird Jun 05, 2017
I will strangle the next person who says this to my face. FOR THE LAST TIME, I don't need to be on my period to have emotions!!!😡🖕😡🖕😡🖕😡🖕
n33d2r3ad n33d2r3ad Feb 27
‘Safe’ or ‘save’ button. Having the former would be intriguing.
AkunoTenkuu AkunoTenkuu Jun 09, 2017
guys he just wants to get out of there, of course he won't care about the stupid contract