A Moment in Time [X-Men First Class]

A Moment in Time [X-Men First Class]

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___starrynight By ___starrynight Updated Jul 09, 2017

This story takes place during X-Men First Class.  Mutants all over the world are being exposed and discovered.  Sebastian Shaw is trying to start World War III.  At the age of 20 Lace Turner meets Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, ever since they've met she has been very intrigued with the both of them.  Will she be able to control her powers to help the X-Men or will she fall victim to her own mind?

I own the character of Lace who is played by Amber Heard. The X-Men and their storylines belong to Fox/Marvel.

Also this AMAZING cover was created by 
@-marveltastic , go check her amazing story out!

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PienFrederiks PienFrederiks Sep 12, 2017
arn't the three T's: telepathy telekinesis and teleportation??
                              at least that is what I Always thought
NerdSquadUnite NerdSquadUnite May 11, 2017
Hey, we have one of those at my school, he's called Johan Pacheco.
MakeMeSwoon MakeMeSwoon Jul 13, 2016
Question: does she know how long her freezing ability lasts on ppl? Can she reverse it?
arthurcurrys arthurcurrys Jun 10, 2016
I like the way that she freaked out because of what she did some time ago, but now she's confident of herself and very intelligent
___starrynight ___starrynight Jun 10, 2016
Awww thanks and I'm enjoying developing this character as time goes on she will probably be even more confident
B-Marie B-Marie Feb 10, 2017
Another good chapter! I will say that there are a few mistakes though. Try to space out your dialogue. It can get hard to see who's talking. Also, don't switch POV's so often. Possibly, change it every chapter or so. It helps the story flow and doesn't confuse the reader. Overall, good job!