Forced to be His Mate

Forced to be His Mate

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Edo Eclipse By EdoEclipse Updated Nov 23

"L-let me go! Please, let me leave this place!" I sobbed out, staring at the monster in front of me. 

He smirked, creeping closer to me. Instantly, I was pinned against the wall, my arms held above my head. Soft lips teased the crook of my neck as his fangs scraped against my skin, causing me to squirm. "Little One, you're not going anywhere--you rightfully belong to me, and I can do whatever I want with you..."
Azura Parks is an outcast, hated and shunned by her entire pack. She's short, overweight, pale, shy,  and wears bulky glasses, but what makes her stand out is her odd natural hair color, which is blue. She has no escape from her suffering. Even her parents are forced into keeping her comfort at a minimum. 

But when her pack is attacked and wiped out by an enemy pack, she is kidnapped and brought before their Alpha, only to discover that they are mates. Without a say, he forces her to become his Luna, to become his mate.

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{Cover By: @grraphics}

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You have no idea how nice it is to read a story that has been checked for grammar and spelling. Good twist on the normal female lead though!
jstwannard jstwannard Oct 17
Ok so..I'm chubby my hair is blue , I wear glasses, I'm super freaking pale ,and I'm super shy ;-; what a coincidence