Our Story |Ayano X Budo|

Our Story |Ayano X Budo|

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LeKaNaTie By LeKaNaTie Completed

{Book One of the Yandere High Series}

When enemies become best friends it is quite unusual.
Yet when they become lovers it changes everything.

Beginning with a dangerous secret that then turns into overwhelming love, Ayano must now choose her fate. Her stricking Senpai or the newly found lover.

Great story. Um do you know some yandere sim charcters if so plz tell me thx 💖💖
Tartolz101 Tartolz101 Jun 21
Thats actually a good thing bc then he wont have to compete or get his heart recked
*cough cough gag wheeze* sorry I was just choking on your bullshît
Ya know budo.....a moutain lion looks cute.......but would ya pet it
Darling_Onigiri Darling_Onigiri Aug 11, 2016
Thank you very much saki now I have more pics for my shipping shrine
Shineba-Chan Shineba-Chan Jun 25, 2016
Lol Taro sets them up
                              Is this going to end in a three-way???~~~