His Curvy Assistant {BWWM/BBW}

His Curvy Assistant {BWWM/BBW}

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Cyclone By WeirdCreative15 Updated Feb 12

Milo Keller a 20 year old thick woman who is lost with her life,she wanted to go to college but her family couldn't afford it.
Quite,shy but is also nice and respects other's. Thick body,big booty, wide hips, thick thighs,big boobs you'd be surprised that Milo is single everyone is. All Milo just wants a good job so she can get started on her confused life.

Sebastian Gray a 25 year old handsome businessman in need of a personal assistant.
Very kind,sweet and respects others but can be sometimes rude he also have a temper and is a Playboy.

What happens when him and Milo meets.

Author:this book was Age is nothing but a number but I'm re-doing it so I hope you like it.
I will be posting Milo's outfits but not all the time.
I appreciate it if you guy's vote and comment don't just read please thank you.
Cover by:MzzzPorterrr

Mr. Gray hmmmm sounds so familiar 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔lol😭😭😭
nate_mva nate_mva Dec 26, 2016
Everyone I sing no scrub around my friend they be like who hurt u ? And I just tell them go suck a wrinkled dick then i keep screaming the lyrics 😂
Whatchu mean "this must be a big interview if I have to dress nicely" you should ALWAYS dress nicely for an interview 😂 😂Let them know you are here to serve looks
mrstwentynine mrstwentynine Dec 05, 2016
He's being too personal 😡😡.  He said what now? Weirdo. 😅😅😅
KingShelby KingShelby Dec 08, 2016
"Black Butler " and " "Fifty Shades of Gray" really...