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Innocence : Jungkook FF 18+

Innocence : Jungkook FF 18+

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정국이❤ By Cupid4901 Updated Feb 07

Park Hyejin was always bright, happy and innocent. She was brought up in a not-so wealthy family consisting of only herself and her parents 

When they moved to a new house she befriends a young boy named Jungkook who is exactly 1 month younger than her. They grew up together since the age of 4

As they got older, they went to the same high school together, they were the best, as in the best of best friends... but Hyejin soon falls for Jungkook but is too afraid incase she ruins the relationship between Jungkook and his girlfriend

Jungkook soon falls for Hyejin's innocence and her outgoing personality but it takes a while for him to realise that.

This is the start of a withering friendship and the blooming of a new relationship

JessieBTS JessieBTS Jan 08
I do that when someone has their hand over my mouth 🤚👄
The fuçk Jungkook o my gawww
                              Guys don't understand at all what the fuçk~
FIRST time??
                              It looks like you've written many other books xD
                              No liiee
Jai-Hope Jai-Hope Nov 15, 2016
Wow... She must really feel devastated... Pizza is lifeu :')
Jai-Hope Jai-Hope Nov 15, 2016
So.... Jungkook actually cares? 😏
                              So... He actually loves Hyejin in a lovers kinda way? 😏
                              So... His girlfriend is a 'fake'? 😏
                              Please say this is true!
Remember that one video in the BTS of the Young Forever MV...
                              Yeah 😂😂😂