Hold Me Close

Hold Me Close

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Yaknow By ImaginePercabeth Updated Jan 31, 2017

(Percabeth Fanfiction) 

PERCY was finally an adult. He was responsible for himself, and himself only, and could do whatever he wanted. With his new life going in a straight line, he could choose whatever he wanted to do. That was, of course, before the blonde broke through his apartment door and pulled him down a fire-escape.

ANNABETH had never been normal. Not with the running and hiding, the fighting. When gang-leader Luke is after her once again, hoping to kill her because of the one piece of information that she overhead, and the one item that she now held in her hands, things start going downhill. She was doing fine in her plan to kill him, before the boy with sea-green eyes got in her way.

LEO has always been an outcast. He was used to it, but it became the last straw when his long time girlfriend Calypso started seeing another dude. When his best friend and fellow runaway, Annabeth, gets in a spot of trouble, well, it's only right to help her.

(Percabeth) (Leo and Annabeth BROTP)

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