Creepypasta X Reader Part 3

Creepypasta X Reader Part 3

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Shadow Blue By soul_eaterfan168 Updated 13 hours ago

The more CP lemons better than ever!!!

With anyone you request on here

Just comment for request 

Thank you!!!

Puppeteer x Creep?
                              Name: Creep
                              Hair Color: Black
                              Hair Length: Long
                              Appearance: oversized blood red hoodie, sleeves long enough to cover her hands, black leggings, black combat boots, hair covers her eyes.
If it's okay for you, can you please do  Nathan The Nobody X Reader ?
seiyar seiyar Aug 21
HEYYY !!!!! Can you do Puppetter x depress reader but they two don't know the other ? ( I don't know if is clear, I'm french and my english is........<_< )
I want to request~ 
                              Slenderman x reader x offenderman ( lemon ) 
                              Ben Drowned x Busty Neko Innocent reader 
                              Homicidal Liu x Busty Innocent Reader x Sully 
                              Ticci Toby x Innocent Cute reader
                              Can you make it? Pleawe?~
RePrayRay RePrayRay May 25
Can you do my OC for your forst chapter
                              Her name is Lali the Card master 
                              Her boyfriend is Liu/Sully
                              And they got into a argument and sully made Lali cry then.....Yeah...So on
AstroGeek42 AstroGeek42 Jul 05
Kagekao x Reader x Offenderman....
                              Something is wrong with me...