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The gang leader and the street fighter {COMPLETED}

The gang leader and the street fighter {COMPLETED}

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honeybooboris By honeybooboris Updated Jan 16, 2014

Chapter 1- introductions


I open my eyes and stare up at the white ceiling covered in glow stars. I'm seventeen and I have glow stars on my ceiling. That's the work of Benny, my little brother. At that moment, he bursts through the door.

"Poppy! Wake up! I want a cuddle!" He yells in a upbeat voice.

"Come here then." I smile at him and he launches himself up onto the bed.

"Are you excited for your first day of school?" I ask.

"Yes! Are you?" He questions.

"Yeah, I guess." I reply.

We moved here because when I was twelve, my father left. This was just after Benny was born. We stayed there because I thought he would come back but he never did. My mum wanted to move but I made her stay. Then, one day, it hit me that he wasn't coming home and all I wanted to do was leave. That was a  two weeks ago. Now we've left North Dakoto and have moved to Chicago.

I look at my alarm clock and notice it's seven.

"Come on little guy, it's time for us to get ready ...

alyssa_risk02 alyssa_risk02 Oct 17, 2016
I don't know why but there's this little voice in my head just screaming 'I want to lick his face' over and over again. Am I going crazy?
jazzyboo121315 jazzyboo121315 Jun 16, 2016
Honestly I'm just glad she's not a nerd that's a secret street fighter. There are to many of those.
I mean not like a huge fan or anything but I like panic a the disco... imagine dragons
molly4703 molly4703 Feb 02
Why say your a street fighter give it a few days it Til you need to kick someone's a** and then be like don't mess with me b*tch
TaintedandMarked TaintedandMarked Jul 30, 2016
In this time and generation nobody knows, I'm not judging a 5 year old has given birth to a boy a long time ago; youngest mother so....