He Said I'm His Mate

He Said I'm His Mate

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Jeanne-Marie Abi Akl By choco_____freak Completed

Skye has a normal life with her family. She's funny, kind and lovely but you don't wanna be on her bad side.

 Jason, not really a normal person, he will be the new alpha of his pack. He did everything he is supposed to do;  exept one: he still have to search for love, for his mate, for the new luna of the pack.

 Skye's life was normal till the day she met Jason at the park, everything went upside down: new friends, new family, strange love, secrets. In other words: new life.

Cover made by @LovemeLovemenotAG
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Heyyyy, I'm not very good at writing prescriptions so... 
Anyway this is my first story so the first chapters are a little bad but it gets better later on I promise. I hope you'll love it. 


Finally a story where the Alpha's name isn't Xavier 😑😄
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