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Sweet | Adopted by the Ro'Maeves X Reader

Sweet | Adopted by the Ro'Maeves X Reader

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S By oXSXo_ Completed

I'm Y/N. I'm 14 years old and I am a cheerleader at Penum High. I personally hated all the schools they have in my area because there all private school, which of course mean uniforms. I'm also an orphan. My hole life, I have been pressured by society. I have always been told that beauty is everything and I didn't need to be smart. I was considered beautiful and dumb to most people, but I'm very smart, in fact I'm the top student in my class, but everyone refuses to recognize that. My own mother used to tell me that beauty was everything, and I believed her, even when I was taken away from her and my dad when I was 9, I still believe her. I believed her, I believed society's unrealistic views on what beauty is. That's until I was adopted by a seemingly perfect family of 5, and my hole life changes in an instant.
      WARNING: This book talks about eating disorders which can be a triggering topic for some

FloraxIsla_ FloraxIsla_ Jan 04
I look like if Nicole and Dante had a baby. Deep red hair and blue eyes.
-TeeTee- -TeeTee- Jan 02
My mom doesn't call my dad 'babe' in front of my face because she thinks I will have a sexual mind 😂
I thought it took like a week, mouth, or a year to adopt a child but I won't question
Sly_Shadow_Heathen Sly_Shadow_Heathen Dec 29, 2016
I have white hair and red eyes,I'll stick out like a sore thumb
When I saw the name Gretchen I just died out laughing 🤣😂🤣😂🤣
I have dreams like that about my past and Jessica  as in jess like aphmau jess