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Kookie Abused Asshoe By VKOOKs_Main_Hoe Updated Oct 14

Preaching Vkook to the poor lost souls who still confuse it with a brand of energy bars(legit my Non-Kpop friends).  Updates often, because I get peeved easily, Vkook does that to trash like me. I love you but can you just get married already? The other ships will make a few appearances as well.

Lol my cover sucks ass, it's horrible. 

*Trigger warning* to those who can't accept someone's opinion that goes against theirs.  Its MY opinion, my thoughts on Vkook might not be true but neither does yours. I'm willing to listen to others people's opinion on my rants, if I agree I'll make an update.

Taehyung is so hot af even if he have this type of skin color! Wtf is wrong with them. He's my bias djsisissssisksjz!
A - I agree 100%
                              plus I love Taehyung's tan skin  :)  it's so beautiful
I really wanna know what goes on in Jungkook's head when V is close to him like that °-°
Jungkook: 'That jamless kid is trying to steal my Tae' *grabs Tae's arm* "Hey Jimin."
                              Taehyung: 'Oh no, he's being possessive again.' "Hehe, Kookie!"
                              Jimin: 'why is Kookie looking at me like that?' "Hey Kookie! :3" 'Ahh, I love him so much'
chocoyoongi chocoyoongi May 26
A obviously and I died multiple times on the way to the bottom "boys with melanin are hot"😂 preach
kisuyuki kisuyuki Jul 07
Lol.. True 😂.. Disagree for nowadays AD all about being paler is beautiful