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Wish I may...Wish I might...

Wish I may...Wish I might...

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Maddie By maddoggie Updated Sep 01, 2012

What if you could get what you wished for? What if you wished on a shooting star and then when the same star came back, you got your wish?  Alex Donaley has turned 16 and her wish has come true. Her wish has changed her life drastically. She doesn't know whats going on anymore and the CIA start looking for her, but they aren't the only ones.
     There are other people that use those who have made wishes and have special powers. They brainwash them into thinking that they should help their cause. Alex is brainwashed into thinking this and she starts to go to a new school; a school run by the people who use people like Alex for evil. Alex doesn't realize that what she is doing is wrong. But when she does realize what she is doing she tries to escape. ......Any normal person would think escape is futile but that's just the thing...Alex...she is more than normal.

Alex can fly and she has many other abilities. This is what makes Alex a great weapon and a great threat...When she gets forced into the wrong crowd she finds herself doing missions that she believes are bringing justice. This is not the case.

maddoggie maddoggie Jun 28, 2011
yeah...that makes more sense haha thanks so much! :D keep up the helpful tips :D
hanahbloom hanahbloom Jun 04, 2011
Not bad. You did a good job setting up the mood of the story. Although, I'm pretty sure if someone was going for a jog on a bright sunny afternoon, they would be terrified, rather than just wondering, at the sudden blinding darkness.