The Demon Babysitter |✔

The Demon Babysitter |✔

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Aanchal Budhiraja By toohottobetrue2 Completed

After accidentally summoning a demon, Yuki Rin, a single mother trying to make her ends meet, assigns the demon to babysit her three year old son.
Kuros, an alpha demon, is forced to grant three wishes Yuki demands. Not able to use black magic, the only way out of the contract is for him to taste her blood with consent.

For that, he just needs to seduce her...

(Disclaimer: This book is NOT a FanFiction. All the characters, situations, and plot are original creation of the author.)

I wish that my butt will be cleaned magically every time I go to the toilet so I never have to do it myself ever again
awegirl awegirl Nov 07, 2016
Wow, I have never read this kind of books! So I am gonna try it! And it's your book so I betcha it's gonna be awesomesauce
Movin_onxXx Movin_onxXx Oct 15, 2016
Girl... getting pregnant isn't like catching the flu. You have sex and it (sometimes) results in getting pregnant.
akaluv99 akaluv99 Oct 24, 2016
Well, that was quick. I wish there was more build up to summoning the demon :/
AverySummers AverySummers Oct 13, 2016
THIS GUY IS CREEPING ME OUT. LIKE GET THE HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE. Literally when i read the first four words i was like what? lol. i could literally imagine kuros face when yuki said that
BQueenS BQueenS Oct 15, 2016
I"m Very cirious for this story!!! I love demons!! Sebastian is my fav my bae 😍😍😍