Stronger Than Before(Book 1)

Stronger Than Before(Book 1)

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Being able to meet one of the most strongest mages in the world is awesome but not the part where you get left out. People judge her, think she's weak. Think she's lazy and doesn't do anything. They don't know the truth behind her. No one does not even herself. Only one person does.

(This book was made a year ago and I'm sorry for the lame writing and mistakes.)

Disclaimer: I do not own fairy tail, Hiro Mashima does if I did Lucy would have been with Gray instead. I only own Lewis and Yasushi. The master and Butler of the story.

Yes, you're stupid and horrible Natsu!! Did u just realize what you've done?!
Me:*Walks into Interdimensional portal* *slaps Natsu* Don't you tell me what to do! And that Lasagna Bish  was like Lucy said your past! Key word PAST P-A-S-T not future. Now the one who treated you like her world you push aside so you know what Natsu Dragneel? Fck you
Cyber_fox Cyber_fox Aug 02
I imagine Zeref saying "welcome to the dark side *holds bag of cookies* we have cookies" XD
Yes natsu you've been rejected by your crush no your ex-crush. Did you realized what you've done to Lucy?!
                              GET EATEN UP BY LAVA
                              BE BURNED IN HELL
                              ROT AWAY WHERE YOU BELONG
Phantom Dark! (If you know where this is from I applaud you)