Leah Ravenscar | Shadowhunter Fanfiction

Leah Ravenscar | Shadowhunter Fanfiction

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Lila Wayne By Lila_Wayne Completed

The world knew of three special children - the Angel-blooded ones, Clarissa Fairchild and Jace Herondale, and the demon-blooded one, Sebastian Morgenstern. 

But there was another one - a child with an angel's heart but demon's blood. There was another child with superficial strength, agility, speed, grace, special talents and an invincible physique. 

Her name was Leah Ravenscar - one of the six heroes who had helped save the world.

And she was the illegitimate daughter of Tessa Gray and Brother Zachariah.

Sequel - Leah Carstairs - is out now!

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                              hi johnny rook, aka johnny herondale, dad of Christopher herondale, jace's cousin!!!!
m4dl4a m4dl4a Aug 19
Woow. That's just... sooo much information! And i've got a question... is Jem still a silent brother or is he normal...?
SilverMoon127 SilverMoon127 Oct 28, 2016
there is emma in this book she is my favorite character ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
rosebudtwilight rosebudtwilight Oct 13, 2016
Your ideas are crazy original. I I like your personality. Can't wait to start reading. 👏