Percabeth 17 and pregnant

Percabeth 17 and pregnant

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MonsterBro By MonsterBros1 Updated Dec 03, 2017

Percy and annabeth have finally calmed their lives down. They were still needed sometimes, but most of the time, they were together happily! 
But a certain god of wine is fixed on getting the two drunk once Percy is finally seventeen, which leads to... Stuff, happens.

What will happen? What will they do? Read to find out in this fantasy-filled fan-fic interlaced with my other story (a complete original) Nora Blood and The Mortals Gift.


Warning: semi- sexual jokes and context might be happening happen here and there in the future.

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Enter_Username5 Enter_Username5 Oct 26, 2017
Where were you panicking? Annabeth you know your only allowed to panic at the disco
If you're  a monster then why haven't you been slain by Percy
Um.. this is in Annabeth's POV why did she talked in third person
hellosquirrels hellosquirrels Jul 20, 2016
Yas! When calypso called Leo babe I fangirled SOOOOO HHHHHAAAAAAARRRRDDDD
hellosquirrels hellosquirrels Jul 20, 2016
It would actually be landing, departing is leaving the airport. Good story tho!