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"You better stop sexy, or we won't hesitate to fuck and spank you raw whilst we bend you on the nearest table," One of them said with mischief and that strong black aura surrounding him.

"I was thinking about maybe doing it now, due to her already breaking one of our rules, right kitten." The second guy smirked at the first one.

"Yes, eager and ready for us, aren't you my slutty baby girl?" Can't you smell that strong arousal of hers Ethan?" Said the first one smirking devilishly whilst coming towards her.


Hayley Miller, a young single girl at Connecticut, USA is dumped by her boyfriend after 2 years of loyalty. Claiming he has more sexual desires than she knows. 

At Edenton, North Carolina, she is haunted by the memories of Colton her Ex. Over time she doesn't get over him, instead a series of hooking up and being the slut of the place clings to her reputation.


But what happens when latter her mates find her in this state? Will this chance of meeting them change her and prove to her that she is destined to be with them as they claim?

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ExtremeShipper276 ExtremeShipper276 May 04, 2017
Shouldn't the Mum be ashamed that her daughter just walked in as her husband was-uh..... Rubbing her...... Naked?