Death's Touch (A One Punch Man Female Reader Insert)

Death's Touch (A One Punch Man Female Reader Insert)

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AReadingAuthor By AReadingAuthor Updated Nov 15, 2017

Welcome to a world where monsters are at every corner, where heroes are actually paid for their deeds, welcome to the world of One Punch Man

We follow your- the Reader's, adventures accompanied by Saitama and Genos as you face the unexpected, meet new friends and find out a little more of what's underneath this peculiar world. 

ROMANCE and DEATH play important roles in your life so best be careful


Lighter Warning: It starts out a bit cringy but it gets better

I do not own the characters of One Punch Man or any other character from other franchises I may mention, the credits goes to their respective owners. I only own my OCs, the cover and the story line. You own yourself

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LyzzaReadsFanFic LyzzaReadsFanFic Oct 28, 2017
No am actually the daughter of the powerful and evil queen of edenia(which i invented 😂)
Fierce_Kimiko_Fufu Fierce_Kimiko_Fufu Jul 22, 2017
Wait.  "Finally found you".  Are they perhaps targeting me or the jewelry , that was mentioned earlier.
Fierce_Kimiko_Fufu Fierce_Kimiko_Fufu Jul 22, 2017
They are heros, right?  It sounded like they were heartless monsters for a second.
Alyssamaya12 Alyssamaya12 Aug 10, 2017
Yes you are dead and not a angel I'm a demon welcome to hell
ElizabethHoffman0 ElizabethHoffman0 Jun 29, 2017
Sonic: I don't really know what f*** just happened. 
                              Me: But I don't really care. Imma gonna get f*** outta here.
                              Sonic: F*** this sh** I'm out.
                              [Saitama in the background: Alright then.]
                              Me: F*** this sh** I'm out.
Devils_Rejects Devils_Rejects May 25, 2017
I am now a screaming sack of potatoes or am I now just a bunch of potatoes in a sack screaming?