Alpha of Hell (#Wattys2016)

Alpha of Hell (#Wattys2016)

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iPeace By darkenedoath Completed

He was a devil, a monster. She was innocent, she was his mate.

She didn't want him and he wanted to make her pay for that. 

Let the games begin.

-werelion -werelion Feb 15
OKAY NOW YOU CAN KILL HIM she's pretty much numb from the pain
You should've looked him up and down and made a dissatisfied noise.
-werelion -werelion Feb 15
Damn he treating her like a candy bar like it's not yours anymore it's MINE.
shykan shykan Feb 16
Yeah and I'm Santa Claus. Now that we're done saying foolishness I'll sit my self in that couch matter a fact I'll lay my self in that couch. 👌
-werelion -werelion Feb 15
When I read "mouth watering" I thought of Watermelons 🍉 lol 😂
Then why did you pack?! But she should stand up to him like she isnt an object