Reminiscence.. A  DevAkshi FF | #YourStoryIndia

Reminiscence.. A DevAkshi FF | #YourStoryIndia

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Ananya Prakash By annikhushi Updated Oct 07

"Nothing lasts forever, Sona. ", he said, holding my hands, as if holding something fragile, "This is the end, but it is a promise of forever.", he said and kissed me. A tear escaped my eyes. I knew that he would leave my life tomorrow, but in that eternal moment, my heart believed in a hope, that we are meant to be.


They say that time is a great healer, it heals your wounds, makes you forget the pain.

But Sonakshi Bose has never let time heal her, she has kept the pain as a hope to see him again, to find her love back. She has never let that fragile hope break. Now, 5 years later, destiny has brought him to her, but Dev Dixit, her love, has changed, has moved on and this shatters all her hopes.

Has time, the great healer, planned only wounds for Sona? What is her fate now? And will Dev never be hers?

kavyamoolya kavyamoolya May 27
Aweeeeesomeeeeee plot!! 
                              Ssrly , its kinda unique! 
                              Plzzzz do continue it!:)
I swear even in my story there is not even a % of mystery. Its all about human emotions that you can feel and maybe in some cases empathize with, like a journey but there's nothing way mysterious in that journey😂
I am absolute fan of KRPKAB!!!! The new promo (where Dev FINALLY realises that he loves Sona) is awesome!!!