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Reed Garcia is in denial. 

With a history of homophobia, Reed just can't accept the fact that he is absolutely in love with his roommate from freshman year.

It's long since freshman year, but Reed's feelings for Kyle haven't faded. In fact, they might have gotten worse since realizing that the boy he shared a room with for a year isn't straight at all, and now in a very committed relationship. 

Reed tries his hardest to forget he ever had feelings for a guy, but nothing, or no one, helps. Instead, he finds help in the most unexpected place ever.

Quincy Alder knows, without a doubt, that he's gay. And when a certain boy in his class catches his eye, he knows that he wants him, even though all the signs point to him being straight and homophobic. 

This is a spin off story from my book More Than Just Roommates. It's not necessary that you read that one first, only recommended.

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xYecyx xYecyx Aug 07, 2017
So he asked Reed for a pen and then ended up taking out a pen?
CindylynnElvir CindylynnElvir Aug 30, 2016
Quincy reminds me of josh and kyle combined and Reed reminds me of Jackson and Lee
B00K_0WL B00K_0WL Jul 02, 2016
Of course you don't. Seeing him caused you drink a six pack to yourself to stop yourself form thinking about him, but you don't care about him. Of course.
B00K_0WL B00K_0WL Jul 02, 2016
Glad you didn't start this with your stereotypical waking to an alarm.